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Nutritionist•Certified Meditation Leader  

Mary Beth


Functional Medicine and Nutrition;

Transformational Coaching


Mary Beth is a Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist (CDN) by New York State;··a Registered Dietitian (RD) credentialed by the Academy of Nutriton and Dietetics. and a certified Reiki energy worker. She began her professional practice in 1985. Her style is a blend of Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Nutrition, Transformational Coaching, and other holistic modalities she has formally trained in such as meditation. ·She also draws upon her holistic certifications such as Food as Medicine, FirstLine Therapy®, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice® (AFMCP) and more. ·As a nutritionist she specializes in Functional Medicine·and Transformational Coaching.·






In order to build on her conventional style of practice, she acquired further professional education, training and experience in Complementary Nutrition & Medicine, with a focus on Integrative/Functional Nutrition, through various University's, Medical & Integrative Health Settings and Integrative Research Institutes. Some of these include The Institute for Functional Medicine, Duke University's' Center for Integrative Medicine, Crayhon Research, Designs for Health, The Marino Center Medical Clinic for Progressive Health - associated with Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard Medical School/Department of Continuing Education: Complementary & Alternative Medicine Program and The Healthy Community Institute.

In addition, her personal and professional experiences, and practice with therapies such as Chinese/Herbal Medicine, Integrative Manual Therapy, Massage, Yoga, Personal and Professional Coaching, Reiki, and Spiritual/Personal Growth Training allow her to better offer clients an holistic approach; suggesting other healing modalities they may desire to combine with nutrition.

Mary Beth's clinical career and training since 1985 - allows her to create customized holistic health and healing solutions by building on conventional medicine and nutrition practices combined with Integrative/Functional Nutrition to find the solution that is right for you.

Repair, Restore and Reestablish your health by utilizing Realistic approaches based on Researched, proven methods to Reverse chronic conditions. The success of Mary Beths' Clients prove her methods provide Results that show Recovery and Reactivation of health and vitality. Clients experience a Restoration of balances in all aspects of their lives.