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Eight years ago, after a spinal injury left me paralyzed from the waist down, I decided to live my life in a way that healed, and no longer damaged me.   Since my accident I have seen many complementary and alternative medicine (Integrative) practitioners that have led me to some wonderful results such as no longer needing antibiotics, and ending a 18 year battle with an underactive thyroid. I was at a point of moving on to “something more”, but could not define what it was.

Miles away, my niece in Florida, told me about Functional Medicine (FM); and thus helped me find Mary Beth. I came to Mary Beth (MB) a year ago to further understand how to continue to nurture my thyroid and keep it balanced, and little did I know at the time, help with my digestion, gallbladder and energy.

Mary Beth has brought my ability to nurture and heal myself to a whole new level. She has taught me much about the crucial role digestion plays.  She informed me about foods I should consider to eliminate because they were keeping my body from repairing itself and  gaining overall health.    I always refused to deny myself any food I felt like eating.  But now my approach changed and it was somewhat easy.  

I have resolved unique digestion and gallbladder imbalances, which has led  to an overall  physical and emotional energy gain. She helped empower me to change the way I buy and prepare foods and actually love it !   I have not used any thyroid support for 6 months and my MD recently told me my thyroid looks perfectly healthy.  

In a casual phone conversations between appointments – MB took the effort to explain questions I had .   She took the time to explain how vitamin D affects my health, assessed my levels and explained what I needed to do & how to raise it.  She provided a “deep way” of explaining the importance of this vitamin & how my body uses it and depends on it.

Functional Medicine appealed to me because it helped me learn what my organs do for my body and how to help them function in a healthier way . MB indicated adrenal glands often accompany thyroid issues and in addition, since I had had a long-term history of stress in my life I decided to have a saliva adrenal test done.  I found out my adrenals were on “constant overload “.  One of the things I did as a result was lay flat for 2 hrs a day.  My sore muscles needed this due to being in a wheel chair for 8 years.  As a result – I have calmed down immensely.  To gain health sometimes means letting go of a fast paced “get things done” life-style.  I have learned that being in a state of calm allows me to accomplish much more.

Mary Beth has a remarkable ability to draw on complex knowledge of how the digestive tract and other organs operate individually and with each other and apply that knowledge in a conversation in a clear way to benefit  an individuals’ day to day symptoms they are dealing with. She has an ability to connect with her clients in an effective way that I have rarely experienced.

I came to Mary Beth to get knowledge of how my body works, and I have continually received that from her.   She is very good at doing this. Mary Beth has taught me how my symptoms are connected to each other, and what changes in Foods and Nutrients are needed to actually resolve my symptoms.  She has introduced me to Functional Medicine; a defined practice that looks at cause and effect and individualized treatment so one can gain vital health!

I have acquired a new knowledge base and appreciation of health, my body and for new “method” of choosing other practitioners like a Primary care MD.  I no longer am willing to settle for the average run of the mill discussions that do not add to my health, in some cases take from it. to my personal health care goals.  This is the first area that I look for when I interview a practitioner that I may Mary Beth has the ability to connect with interest and integrity potential use for my health needs.  

Through acting on my faith and being a clergyman for 25 years, I am always open to healing through a fellow human being. Without needing to be in precisely the same place that I am, Mary Beth has welcomed me and made such sharing a pleasure for me.  She has a deep spiritual sensitivity.   

I feel for the first time that I soon will no longer have unique challenges with the ability to be mobile.  I am delighted to continue on this path with Mary Beth and am feeling very good about it.  I have tremendous respect for Mary Beth and her work.

David S.  MST
Master of Sacred Theology  
Troy NY

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