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College Athlete


"I figured I was pretty much out of options until Mary Beth informed me about specific issues in my diet and Omega 3s and the minerals I needed.   I hadn’t realized the importance of cell reactions’ and the nutrients needed for them to occur.  After making these changes,  I felt a lot more energized and was actually looking forward to my afternoon run rather than dreading it like I had before.  I'm now  feeling fresh from the start and a lot happier in general!  Thank YOU !"

Olivia Spencer Beane

Syracuse University Athlete and Student  2007

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Energy Worker

Overall Well-being, Happiness

"Thanks, Mary Beth. I have recommended you to quite a few people. I KNOW that your services led to an increase in my overall well-being that led me one day to realize that I had been happy for several weeks, happier than I had felt in a long time. Nothing else in my life had changed, and yet before I followed your regimen, I was conscious of having felt annoyed, disgruntled, and not buoyant. And yet there I was, happy all the time. I had truly never realized how crucial nutritional balance is to health, and what true health can feel like !  I am looking at some new challenges in my life now, and have been thinking that perhaps I should come back for round two."

Leiah Bowden
Energy worker, Intuitive Artist, Writer

Albany, NY

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House wife

Fatigue, Digestion Problems

Dear Mary Beth

The wisdom and understanding that you have given my wife makes me very grateful to you. You are a true holistic healer.

Ed Z.                                                                                                                                  

 The Gazette Newspaper

Latham, NY

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(Formerly Hospitalized) Eating Disorders, Low body weight and Vegetarianism

"After several months of being hospitalized for anorexia and working with dietitians on a regular basis, my daughter never wanted to see a dietitian again."....."I have to tell you how very much I appreciate your calm non-judgmental character.  I learn a lot from watching you.  You are really a good fit for my daughter who, as you have accurately pointed out, has trouble gracefully accepting the suggestions and advice of others."......" I must tell you what she said, as we drove away from seeing you the other day:   "she really gets me". Thanks again for your respectful prodding and focused insight."....."High marks for you not stomping off when the insults came, but rather calling her attention to it briefly and then moving on. Your honesty and compassion really shine through and I hope that she can see this and grow to trust you more.  This is scary stuff for her and it is always a fine line when to push and when to back off."

Mom of an anorexic vegetarian teen

 * * *

Middle age Male, former 25 yr. Clergyman Career

Spinal Injury which led to Paraplegia, Endocrine (Hormone) System Dysfunction, Lack of Energy, Digestion Imbalance

Mary Beth has brought my ability to nurture and heal myself to a whole new level. She taught me much about the crucial role digestion plays.  She informed me about foods I should consider to eliminate- that were keeping my body from repairing itself and gaining overall health.  I have resolved unique digestion and gallbladder imbalances, which have lead to an overall  physical and emotional energy gain.  She helped empower me to change the way I buy and prepare foods and actually love it !

Mary Beth has a remarkable ability to draw on complex knowledge of how the digestive tract and other organs operate individually, and with each other, and apply that knowledge in a conversation in a clear way to help an individual benefit from.   She has an ability to connect with her clients in an effective way that I have rarely experienced. 

 Without needing to be in precisely the same place that I am, Mary Beth has welcomed me and made such sharing a pleasure for me.  She has a deep spiritual sensitivity.   I feel for the first time that I soon will no longer have unique challenges with the ability to be mobile.  I am delighted to continue on this path with Mary Beth and am  feeling very good about it.  I have tremendous respect for Mary Beth and her work.  

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David S.  MST

Master of Sacred Theology  
Troy NY 

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middle-aged Male, semi-retired

 Gastroplasty Surgery

Eight months ago i was diagnosed with obesity.  I weighed more at that point than ever before.  I weighed 323 lbs.  I had high blood pressure, angina, high cholesterol & sleep apnea.  it was real hard for me to catch my breath, tie my shoes, or do anything physical,  My back ached, my knees hurt when i climbed stairs.  I was also going through a lot of transitions and challenges in my life at the age of 64 years old.  

I had read that bariatric surgery was what I needed.  I went to a meeting at St. Peters Hospital & found out that i was a candidate for this surgery.  I completed an "intake" with the sugeon.  I was told to get clearance from my general practitioner, my cardiologist, a therapist, and from a Nutritionist.  St. Peters' recommended i see Mary Beth McCue.   

Enter the angel.  When I called Mary beth for an "OK" on this procedure, I was warned & told of the precautions i should consider.  Closing up my stomach was not the intention for our biological processes.  I found out things I did not know, including potential negative side effects that would be "life-long" and not reversible, Some were sure to occur.  

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With Thanks

Barry Rice

Saratoga Springs, NY