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Conveniently select the professional grade nutrient product(s) that have been recommended for you.   Within a few moments, you can shop, choose payment of your choice  and request delivery to  your home or office.  Please e-mail us first for your access code, you will need this to purchase products on the sites below.  Let us know if you need further assistance.



Reimbursement for Nutrient Products    CODE:  SARNUT 

Many of our customers have been reimbursed for nutrient products by way of utilizing their health care pre-taxed savings accounts &/or from their health insurance provider.   If you want to explore this option, we will provide an assessment, along with any potential nutrient recommendations, after your initial appointment.



  Exclusive Professional Formulas

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These Professional Supplements have been approved and certified by key industry certifying bodies and tested by independent third-party purity analysis.  They  are easy to tolerate and swallow and are created in therapeutic doses - which are all based on specific research. Payment via credit card.



Emerson Ecologics      

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Emerson Ecologics provides healthcare professionals and their clients with the highest quality nutritional supplements, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, standardized herbal extracts, green foods, essential fatty acids, personal hygeine items and more - from the world's leading manufacturers of professional products such as:  Pure Encapsulations, Vital Nutrients, Allergy Research Group, Douglas Labs, Ecological Formulas, MMS Pro, Designs for Health, NF Formulas, Heel, Karuna, Progressive Laboratories, Metabolic Maintenance, Rx Vitamins, Physiologics and 200+ more product lines. Payment via credit card.



Sunlighten Saunas


The only far-infra red sauna that has been proven through research studies to do the following: lower blood pressure, detoxify the body - including heavy metals, assist in permanent weight-loss, resolve pain and inflammation, aid in anti-aging reversal and prevention and more.  If you are considering the purchase a sauna and would like to see a sauna, please e-mail us this request.  We will gladly e-mail you back to arrange a time for you to speak with us and see a sauna.