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Mary Beth

Since 1985, Mary Beth has provided nutrition and integrative health programs to diverse groups, organizations and individuals with a wide array of health concerns and wellness goals.  Her approach blends a conventional health care and nutrition background with the natural, science -based therapies of progressive Functional Medicine (see link 
and the compelling Mind-Body-Medicine connection.  
 “A ‘treatment of the individual’ approach must include attention to the many aspects of a person’s life and the subsequent identification of health goals.   Paramount to this process is what they are feeding themselves – physically, emotionally, and energetically.   A strong nutritional foundation, unique to individual diet and nutrient needs, will  positively influence on all three areas.  
"To truly be able to help people, there has to be recognition and understanding of the biological processes happening in the body, and that of foods and nutrients,  and how they affect all aspects of an individuals’  life.  I have seen profound changes happen as a result of this process .  There also has to be an understanding that there is a unique story to these processes and that no two persons are alike. On the other hand,  it is quite simple to start getting the body back into harmony once you begin."


As a coach, counselor and lecturer, Mary Beth has assisted thousands in resolving chronic conditions and   creating health and vitality wherever on the wellness spectrum of life they may be.  She understands the dynamics involved in the process as both a trained professional and as a person who has gone through her own health transitions.    


Professional Bio

Mary Beth McCue, RD, CDN

Functional Medicine Nutritionist; Transformational Coach

Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist Mary Beth McCue is an integrative and functional nutrition specialist, with more than 20 years initiating nutrition, wellness, integrative and functional medicine programs in diverse settings such as conventional health care systems, sustainable farms, international spa and retreat centers and more.  Her proven passion and ability to motivate and facilitate dialogue between individuals and organizations has historically resulted in new innovative solutions, programs and revenues.  Mary Beth was among the first fifty U.S. Registered Dietitians to complete clinical training with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).  She is a Reiki practitioner and Certified Spinning (cycling) and former Alpine Racing coach.  She is a long-term member of IFM, a founding and long-term member of “Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine” (DIFM), and “Hunger and Environmental Nutrition”(HEN), two professional practice groups of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Mary Beth’s style is a blend of her professional experience with clinical nutrition, functional medicine, healthy life-styles’ coaching, and what she refers to as “transformative living”.  The wisdom of nature, energy medicine, meditation and yoga are components of her background she naturally draws from. Working together with her clients’ goals, her style of support is fluid while considering needs and readiness. Her ability to translate science so that people understand their unique biochemistry, and can develop a life-style that is personal and practical, are very empowering components of her work.   Mary Beth’s personal healing journey adds significant depth to her work.  She has recovered from more than a dozen common medical conditions – all apparently driven by metal toxicity.  Her health transformation has and continues to be guided by the support of professional pioneers in integrative and functional medicine, energy medicine, and the spiritual and transformational arena.  A practitioner who walks the talk, she is personally and professionally committed to health and healing at all levels.

Whether you’re recovering from a condition(s), learning how to shop and prepare foods, or just preserving yourself, this work is transformative from cell to soul.  The more you do, the more whole, youthful and authentic you become. This, for me, is the epitome of Love and Happiness for all”.

After completing a BS in Foods and Nutrition from the State University of New York, her passion and abilities were evident early career as a registered diet technician (RDT) when in addition to her clinical work, she oversaw the nutrition and aerobic programs at a new hospital based wellness and cardiac rehabilitation center.  Soon after, she completed an internship to become an RD and Certified Dietitian & Nutritionist (CDN) at Sage Graduate School.  Mary Beth’s credentials allow her to be automatically granted as a Licensed  or Certified Nutritionist is any state.

Her initial career as an RD was very atypical; designing and implementing an array of unique wellness programs, in addition to clinical care and co-leading a nutrition department - while on assignment for the largest (international) employer of Dietitians.   She created healthy living classes for employees, community groups, physician groups, adolescence, and students and staff at Williams College and more.  She introduced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to teach the significance of body and cell composition.  She created a rehabilitation program for psychiatric inpatients on one of the first organic farms in the U.S.  Alone, she acquired a first time donation for her health care system, from a local resident and long-time New York City boutique investment bank owner, still known today as a Hollywood/Wall Street Mogul.  Partnering with the local YMCA, she introduced spinning programs (indoor cycling) to her region.  She created the first Integrative Health Program for her Health Care System and Community region under the directorship of her CEO and VP of the community health foundation.  Her successful outcomes of an employee wellness programs for more than 850 employees, was recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), and presented at a national symposium.  At end of hire, she had increased revenues by 170%.  Nominated by her (international) employer as “Dietitian of the Year”; awarded “Dietitian in the News”, and the “Great Ideas Award”.

She embraced Integrative and Functional Medicine in the late 1990’s, at the start of a personal health and healing journey.  Realizing the significance of diet to every thing, she turned her personal journey into a profession one to help individuals and groups make transformational life-style changes.  She has logged over 1000 hrs of professional education, training and teaching in integrative and functional medicine, and foods as medicine programming and certifications.  On average, she completed an average of five times the required continued professional education to maintain her credentials and stay current in her work.  Trained in Reiki, she has also collaborated with and received hundreds of treatment hours from energy medicine pioneers such as the creators of “Integrative Manual Therapy” and “The Healing Process”.

Since the late 1990’s she has personally educated with many pioneers in spiritual and transformational work.  Mary Beth completed a 9-month program with Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D., scholar, philosopher, author, teacher and researcher in Human Capacities, one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement; and care-iver to Margaret Mead at the end of her life.  She trained under the founder of the American Meditation Institute.

Mary Beth introduced Functional Medicine and Nutrition to the upstate New York region before any other practitioner, while based in Saratoga Springs, an historic town with healing springs, named “The Spa City”, built on health, history and horses. For 7 years, she managed a functional nutrition private practice in the historical Roosevelt Bath Spa House (open more than 75 years) that services patrons from all over the globe.  Her current practice is in the historical downtown area.  Mary Beth maintains a blog on the local city site, and on facebook,  and provides all types of media work, lectures, and workshops.

In Saratoga Springs, she led a team of practitioners and community leaders while developing her vision of an Integrative Health Farm Center called “Saratoga WellSpring.”  This included political entities and practitioners whom have founded and currently direct their own centers such as: an Equine Therapy Farm, a Hydrotherapy and Integrative Medicine department in a community hospital, and a Functional Medicine private practice.

Mary Beth has initiated Nutrition and Wellness programming on two residential therapeutic farm communities.  As a Dietitian in Integrative and Functional Medicine (DIFM), she developed programming as a consultant at a U.S. International Medical Spa, and at an Integrative Health and Yoga Center where (at both) she was a practitioner faculty member teaching functional nutrition classes and counseling guests on an individual basis. Guest were well connected and positively received her work on a consistent basis. She initiated functional medicine programs in a compounding and wellness pharmacy, including nutraceutical expansion, sales, group programming and individual counseling.  

“I think many people are seeking their true self.  A spiritual practice is important.  I see healthy living and eating, being in a supportive community and practicing meditation or yoga as important pieces to developing an authentic self and life. On a global level, this can help lead us to vital lives of love, compassion, a relationship with God and a unified planet “ 

MB is a lover of animals and the great outdoors.  Some favorite places are Lake Bomoseen, VT where she summered all her life, Alaska and Italy – where she arranged to meet her extended family.  A lifetime hiker, biker and skier; she also embraces a meditative and yoga practice and spends much time with her black lab Scarlet who helps her keep a check on balance J.

“Of the many new scientific perspectives that emerged from the 20th century, one of the most profound is that the universe is wholly and enduringly interconnected and coherent.” – Rollin McCraty, PhD