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with Mary Beth  

Groups gain from the professional research-based education she has in Integrative Medicine and Nutriton, Transformation and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching and from her vast experiences' and wisdom only acquired from working with tens of thousands in group and one-on-one settings. ·Mary Beth has worked with group programming since the mid-1980's in the areas of: ·Traditional Health Care, Corporate Offices, College Campus's such as Williams and Skidmore, many Community Settings such as Organic Farms, Wellness Pharmacys, resorts such as The Sagamore, Internationally known Integrative Spa Centers such as Canyon Ranch and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health - and much more. Her natural ability to connect with a diversity of groups is pure evidence of the success she has had in her work in helping people understand how to take control of living healthy and happy lives.


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Mary Beth


Functional Medicine and Nutrition;

Transformational Coaching


Mary Beth is a Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist (CDN) by New York State;··a Registered Dietitian (RD) credentialed by the Academy of Nutriton and Dietetics. and a certified Reiki energy worker. She began her professional practice in 1985. Her style is a blend of Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Nutrition, Transformational Coaching, and other holistic modalities she has formally trained in such as meditation. ·She also draws upon her holistic certifications such as Food as Medicine, FirstLine Therapy®, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice® (AFMCP) and more. ·As a nutritionist she specializes in Functional Medicine·and Transformational Coaching.·


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